Photograph: © C.P. Vaughn - All Rights Reserved
Photograph: © C.P. Vaughn - All Rights Reserved

Blaze Foley (Michael David Fuller)

December 18, 1949 in Malvern, Arkansas – February 1, 1989 in Austin, Texas

This book was put together in memory of Blaze Foley, a singer-songwriter whose life ended in tragedy. Almost 30 years after his passing, his songs have lost none of their quality, charm and relevance.

Unfortunately, we have never had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing him in concert. We only became aware of his music long after his passing.

We are not aiming to rewrite history. This book is a collection of articles originally published elsewhere, texts we commissioned specifically for this book and texts we wrote ourselves – from interviews we conducted with Blaze’s friends, companions, fellow musicians and people who knew him well. Some of them we met in person, some of them sent their accounts via email, some we talked to on the phone.

We hope you enjoy this book and we hope it makes you want to listen to Blaze’s music.

Love & Peace
Carmen und Kai Nees

- The Fall and Rise of Blaze Foley
- Publications about Blaze Foley’s Beginnings
- Publications about Blaze‘s Death and the Following Trial
- Publications about Blaze‘s Afterlife
- Blaze Foley‘s Music

- Deep South Productions

- Lost Art Records
- Documentary „Blaze Foley – Duct Tape Messiah“
- Living in the Woods in a Tree
- Chuck Lamb and the Austin Outhouse
- Remembering Blaze
- Ambassadors for Blaze
- Ezalb Yelof‘s Marker Art
- Live Oak Cemetery